1. A Better Democracy? Interpretation and Linguistic Inequality in the European Parliament
    Kent, Stephanie Jo;

  2. A Space of Their Own: How Queer Identified Malaysian Teens Are Negotiating Their Orientation Online
    Gidah, Mary Ellen;

  3. A Turkish Street in Europe, A European Street in Turkey: Space and Nation in the Early Turkish Republic
    Williams, Sam;

  4. An Imperial Unconscious?
    Martin, Randy;

  5. Analysis of Popularity of Boys Love Comics in Hong Kong —From the Discourse Battle of Media and Readers
    Fong, Man Yu;

  6. Analysis of the Impact of Local Government System in Pakistan on Rural Livelihoods
    Iqbal, Khurram;

  7. Analyzing Blogosphere in China: A Case Study of Chinese Journalism Blogs
    Chen, Yun;

  8. Analyzing Variability and Stability in Discourse
    Yılmaz, Ferruh;

  9. Bangladeshi Labour Migrants in Malaysia: The Experience on the Routes
    Ullah, AKM Ahsan;

  10. Becoming a European Union Citizen: The Role of “Glocal Pedagogy” as an Alternative Perspective on the EU Education Policy,
    Eryaman, Mustafa;

  11. “Beyond East and West: Comparing Media Geographies of New Europe”
    Salovaara-Moring, Inka;

  12. Broken Body, Broken Mind, Broken Men: The Gallipoli Drawings of Ellis Silas
    Yip, Andrew;

  13. Cities and Migrants in Times of Neo-liberalism: The Janus Face of Cultural Industries
    Çağlar, Ayşe;

  14. Common Culture, Commodity Fetishism and the Cultural Contradictions of Sport
    Free, Marcus and Hughson, John;

  15. Dancehall, Kwaito, and the Mapping of Black Atlantic Performance Geographies
    Niaah, Sonjah Stanley;

  16. Digital Images and Our Shifing Notions of Everyday Aesthetics
    Murray, Susan;

  17. Doing Sex Work? —I Am Just Idling My Time off a Study on Xiaojies Perception of Work in the Pearl River Delta, South China
    Ding, Yu;

  18. Evaluating Cosmopolitanism in a Globalized World: A Case Study of Turkish Top Managers in a Multinational Corporation
    Yılmaz Şener, Meltem;

  19. Exploring Cross-generational Influences of Fatherhood Cognition and Practice on Middle-aged Fathers from the Critical Feminist Perspective
    Chen, An-Chi;

  20. "Extremism and the Tragic Irony of Russian Nonconformist Culture: Poshlost’ and the Politics of Russian Styob”
    Stodolsky, Ivor A.;

  21. Family Formation and Fertility Behavior of Cameroonian Migrants in Germany: Genderspecific Strategies to Legitimacy
    Fleischer, Annett;

  22. Filmed Cities: Eden or Purgatory?
    Kaklamanidou, Despoina;

  23. Fireworks in Film: Marking State Occasions
    Haralovich, Mary Beth;

  24. Flexible Accumulation of Sexual Capital - Queer Feminists of Hong Kong
    Ho, Petula Sik Ying;

  25. Flesh Machines: Anatomy as Art in Contemporary Cultural Practice
    Stephens, Elizabeth;

  26. Food Labelling Schemes in Sweden and France: Underlying Concerns and Organisational Solutions
    Bildtgård, Torbjörn;

  27. From Floating Asians to National People: The Study of Korean Disapora in East Asia During Early Cold War Period
    Baeg, Jiwoon;

  28. From Harmonious Stories to Harmonious Perspectives: Why Asian Journalism Exists (and Why It Is a Problem)
    Sim, Soek-Fang;

  29. From Prison to Prime-Time: Reinventing "Martha Stewart"
    Walton, Priscilla;

  30. From Street to Electronic Flaneur: Social Integration and the Metropolis
    Holmes, David;

  31. Identity Theft and the Digital Self
    Poster, Mark;

  32. Immigrant Women Domestic Workers in Istanbul and Ankara
    Çelik, Nihal;

  33. In the face of White Terror/(Post)Empire
    Johnson-Riordan, Lorraine;

  34. Institutional Discourse on Educational Internationalization: A Study of the Debates over the Medium of Instruction at CUHK
    Chen, Yun;

  35. Integrating Multiculturalism into a Language Curriculum According to Common European Framework (CEF)
    Hamurabi Sözen, Pelin;

  36. Internet and Social Perceptions in Greece: Digital or ‘Cultural’ Divides into Shaping? The Role of Policy in the Closing of Divides and the Implications for the EU Policy on the Internet
    Tsatsou, Panayiota;

  37. Isomorphism and Global Culture
    Altınkaş, Evren;

  38. Is there Still-Life? Continuity and Change in a Traditional Subject in Recent South African Painting
    Godby, Michael;

  39. “Linguistic Diversity and Minority Media in Turkey”
    Ermutlu, Yonca;

  40. Living Multiculturalism-politics of Difference or Politics of Identity
    Matar, Dina;

  41. Looking Back/Looking Out —From Urban Community to Suburban Dislocation in Early U. S. Television
    Deming, Caren;

  42. Male Domination in Jamaican Dancehall
    Levy, Karen;

  43. Minors “Sans Papiers”, a New Phenomenon of Migration (Morocco and Spain Case)
    Vidal, Núria Empez;

  44. Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and Saturday Mothers
    Yılmaz Şener, Meltem;

  45. Multiple Identities: Bulgarian Turk Immigrants Living in North Cyprus
    Türksoy, Nilüfer;

  46. Music and Identity among European Youth. Music as Communication
    Laura , Ruzza;

  47. On the Social-Cultural War against Orientalism in the East European Folk and Popular Musics
    Marian-Balasa, Marin;

  48. Once Upon a Time —Global Unity through Story Telling
    Ali Chandella, Nayyer;

  49. Online Popular Historicities across the Taiwan Strait
    Liu, Shih-Diing;

  50. On-line Stylings: Cyberspace and Expressive Practices
    Pietrobruno, Sheenagh;

  51. Otobus's Curtains
    Smith, Donny;

  52. Playing the Role of Boys: Tomboy Culture in Hong Kong
    Siu, Cabrini;

  53. Poverty and the Culture of the People of the Lake Region —Kenya
    Iteyo, Crispinous;

  54. Reconstructing the Family Man: Modernizing of Paternal Masculinity in American Dual-Parent Families
    Qiang, Lee;

  55. Reflecting on Current Palestinian-Israeli Relations: Challenges and Possibilities
    Mohamad, Husam;

  56. Refuges and Immigrants under Attack: Warfare, Illegal Smuggling and Digital Technology in Contemporary Film Counter Narratives
    Ortega, Vicente Rodriguez;

  57. Repression, Recognition, Resistance: Psychopolitical Appropriations of Memory
    Thomas, Allison;

  58. Sexual Transformation of Thailand: An Inquiry into Homosexuality
    Pan, Yung-Chih;

  59. Simbolic Migration: The Indians Cultural Dynamics Look at from the Youngs Indians, MatoGrosso do Sul, Brazil
    Alcantara, Maria de Lourdes;

  60. Summer-winter Love: A Case Study of an Intergenerational Lesbian Relationship in Singapore
    Gidah, Mary Ellen;

  61. Thai Youth Culture and Identity in Urban Chiang Mai
    Cohen, Anjalee;

  62. The Canonisation of Bob Marley: A New Interpretation of Leadership and Pedagogy Through the 'Works' of the Rastafari Teacher
    Niaah, Jalani;

  63. The ‘Critical Untrustworthy Narrator’ in Popular Music: A Postcolonial Critique
    Drewett, Michael;

  64. The Dark Side of the Lens in Art: Surfacing Culture
    Cubby, David;

  65. The Impact of the Immigration Reform Group and Student Action in the Process of Dismantling the White Australia Policy in the Early 1960s in Australia
    Tanni, Kati;

  66. The Importance of Design for the Handicraft Production
    Aparo, Ermanno;

  67. The “Levantine Option” in Literary Narratives
    Omer-Sherman, Ranen;

  68. The Metaphorics of the Global Imaginary: Representation and Resistance
    Krishnan, R.S.;

  69. The Price of Migration to Distant Lands: Narratives of Recent Tragedies of the Bangladeshi Youths
    Ullah, AKM Ahsan;

  70. The Spectacle of Suffering and Death. The ‘Other’ in Greek Newspapers
    Konstantinidou, Christina;

  71. Tourism and Ethnography: Phantasme, Symptom, and the Subject
    Agouridas, Dimitrios;

  72. Transformations in the Practices of Everyday Life: From Resistance to Domination the Gossip on TV
    Çaylı-Rahte, Emek;

  73. Urban Forward: The Skin of the City
    Aparo, Ermanno and Soares, Liliana;

  74. Using Indigenous Knowledge to Strengthen Local Governance and Development in Nigeria
    Nwaka, Geoffrey;

  75. Using Visual Methods to Explore Identity Constructions of Migrant Children and Youths. Experiences and Visual Examples from the International EU-Action-Research Project CHICAM - Children in Communication about Migration
    Holzwarth, Peter;

  76. “What's so Finnish about Finnish Popular Music? Selling Local Music to Global Markets”
    Mäkelä, Janne;

  77. Wasteland in Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannos and Polanski’s Chinatown: Ancient L.A. or Modern Thebes?
    Papacharalambous, Dimitris;

  78. What We Say When We Talk about (Queer) Love: The Disarticulation of Race in Queer Singapore
    Jason, Wee;

  79. Whom Serve to Divine Justice: Turkish Television Serials with Mystic Motifs (Secret’s Door, Eye of the Hearth, Secret’s Worlds)
    Uluç, Güliz;

  80. Whose Body Is It Anyway? Professional Acting in the Era of Digital Media, Control Issues and Identity Questions
    Ganz-Blättler, Ursula;


  1. A Geography of the Secret
    del Pilar Lopez, Olga;

  2. A Coexistence of Globalization and Localization in Hong Kong films --The Hybridity in Wong Kar Wai’s Early Films
    Lei, Chin Pang;

  3. A Cross-Cultural Study of “Thank You” in Service Encounters in Lebanon and France
    Dimachki, Loubna;

  4. A Divided and Conflict Full Collective Memory
    Zires, Margarita;

  5. A Gaze to Lola from Rear Window: The Shift from Psychological Closure to Pseudo-Interactivity in Contemporary Cinema
    Samancı, Özge;

  6. A New Heraldic Space — The English Flag of St. George
    Evans, Graham;

  7. A Study of Relationship between Playing Computer Games and Teenagers Social Skills
    Dowran, Behnaz; Azadfallah, Parviz and Ejei, Gavad;

  8. Abu Ghraib, War Media and the Gray Zones of Imperialist Citizenship
    Zacharias, Usha;

  9. Aesthetics, Politics, and Agency in the Mediation of ‘Trafficked Women’
    Arthurs, Jane;

  10. After the End of History: Empire, Arendt, and the Political
    Brahm, Gabriel;

  11. "All You Need is Love": Adolescent Bodies, Female Fandom and Urban Politics
    Kim, Gloria;

  12. Amitabh Bachchan Meets Jackie Chan in the Classroom: Teaching Hong Kong and Bollywood Cinemas Together
    Kolluri, Satish;

  13. Among Cypriot Women: The Invisible Made Visible with Political Implications
    Hadjipavlou, Maria;

  14. Annihilation Redux: Defining a New Wave of Nihilistic Television Dramas
    Eyüboğlu, Selim;

  15. Anti-Guide for Sexual Education. An Intercultural Experience
    Corona, Sarah;

  16. Beauty Quest in Iran
    Shahabi, Mahmood;

  17. Beyond East and West: Comparing Media Geographies of New Europe
    Salovaara-Moring, Inka;

  18. Body as Margin: Different Appears of the Consumers’ / Producers’ Body in Organic Food Industry
    Wu, PinHsien;

  19. Boredom and Space within Everyday Life
    Gürses, Hande;

  20. Bringing Up Progressive Youth: The Cadre School for Foreign Languages in Lovech (1950-1954)
    Galabova, Nadezhda;

  21. Broadcast Media for Cyclone Warning and Community Response: A Perception Study among Coastal People of Bangladesh
    Ullah, Mohammad Sahid;

  22. Caribbean Creative Work & Trajectories of Transition
    Hickling, Deborah;

  23. Carving Space for a New Culture Out of the Rubble of the Old: Beat Writers Resisting the New Post/Cold War American Culture, 1940-1960
    Marshall, Gordon;

  24. Cinematic Historicity –Formal Experimentations from the South Asian Region
    Wolf, Nicole;

  25. and the (un)Housing of Aborignal Possessions in the Virtual Museum
    Emberley, Julia;

  26. Computer and Internet within Family
    Dowran, Behzad;

  27. Confronting Repertoires about Art. Confronting Discourse Analysis and Cultural Studies
    Soetaert, Roland; Rutten, Kris and Mottart, Andre;

  28. Constantinople as Fantasy Space: Remembering Constantinople in Politiki Kouzina and in the Narratives of the Constantinopolitan Greeks Living in Athens
    Edener, Ege;

  29. Constructing National Identity through Globalization: Nationalism in Mediated Sport in Taiwan
    Liu, Chang-de;

  30. Consuming the Time and Space: Vali-Asr Street of Tehran
    Azadarmaki, Taghi;,

  31. Contemporary Visual Anthropology: Challenging Colonial Legacy and Scientific Objectivity
    Yıldırım, Dilan;

  32. Critical Bodies: Moralism, Charisma, and the Trouble with Affect
    Stewart, David M.;

  33. Creating and Contradicting Space for the Homeless in the Metropolis Examples from Edinburgh, Scotland and Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Currey, Bruce;

  34. Crossroads in the Workplace: A Professional Development Programme Design for Multicultural Teams
    Guilherme, Manuela;

  35. Cultural Politics in Asia: Art of Exhibition Making with a Reference to the Second Yokohama Triennale
    Namba, Sachiko;

  36. Cultural Representation of the Other: Tagore’s Initial Reception in the West
    Anushiravani, Alireza;

  37. Cultural Studies and British University Architecture: In the Making of Essex University
    Mansouri, Mehdi;

  38. Cultural Studies Crossroads: Marx and Foucault
    Lobo, Gregory;

  39. Cultural Work and the ‘Economy of Practices’
    Banks, Mark;

  40. Cybertheaters: Emergent, Hybrid Forms of Networked Performance
    Chatzichristodoulou, Maria;

  41. Dancing as a Struggle for Social Inclusion
    Santoz, Ricardo and Viana, Regina;

  42. Desecrated Monuments and Parallel Balkan Realities
    Mitrovic, Slobodan;

  43. Digital Habitus: Remediation of the Structure of Cultural Differentiation
    Kim, Yeran;

  44. Domestic Violence: Indian Perspective
    Pankaj, Night Queen;

  45. Early Film Screenings and Spectatorship in Istanbul from 1895s to the 1930s
    Çeliktemel, Özde;

  46. East and West in the Texts and Pictures of the Greek Painter Yannis Tsarouchis
    Diamantopoulou, Evangelia;

  47. Egyptiana and the Exotic: Constructions of Egypt in the Carnival Site
    Philips, Deborah;

  48. ‘Embodied’ Gaze
    Tiwari, Reena;

  49. Exploring Material and Cultural Landscapes through Symbolic Objects
    Archer, Arlene;

  50. Exporting Western Experts to the Third World: Exploring the Cultural and Identity Politics of Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Cooperation
    Minot, Séverine;

  51. Extremism and the Tragic Irony of Russian Nonconformist Culture: Poshlost’ and the Politics of Russian Styob
    Stodolsky, Ivor A.;

  52. Food Fights –Struggles between the Media and Policymakers over GM Food
    Howarth, Anita;

  53. Food Politics: Jamie Oliver and the Transformation of the UK School Dinners Debate
    Ryland, Thane;

  54. From Known to Unknown: Becoming “Invisible” in the Western Diaspora
    Dahbany-Miraglia, Dina;

  55. From the Phantom of Freedom to the Surogate Identities: Popular Culture as a Form of Social and Political Protest
    Radin-Sabadoš, Mirna;

  56. Gender, Class, and New Media: Young Working-Class Women’s Internet Use in Korea
    Kim, Sujeong;

  57. Gendered Othering of the Other: South to South Reflections
    Vatanabadi, Shouleh;

  58. Genetic Fictions: Science as Narrative Function
    Gunnarsson, Andreas;

  59. "German Kids Don't Like Us": An Analysis of 5 Years Old Turkish Children's Statements of Alienation in Berlin
    Kurban, Fikriye;

  60. Global Entertainment and Local Celebration. Appropriations of the Idols TV Programme in Dutch Festivity Culture
    Reijnders, Stijn;

  61. Global Media in Cultural Conflict: An Examination of the Advent of Satellite Television and the Behavioral Changes Affecting Urban Audiences in Bangladesh
    Ullah, Mohammad Sahid;

  62. Globalization and Iranian Women Identity
    Chazanagh, Hamid Ebadollahi and Chegeni, Akram Sali;

  63. Globalization: Issues, Challenges and Response: A Case of Malaysia
    Mulok, Dullah;

  64. Globalization: Why Culture Learning Matters Most Now
    Ramnath, Srinath;

  65. Governing Preschool Children and Teachers: The Changing Mentalities of Government in Western Australia
    Millei, Zsuzsa;

  66. Governmentality Studies and Reality TV
    Thomas, Tanja;

  67. How Berber and Alevi Migrants in Europe Turned Out to be Transnational Political Agents in Morocco and Turkey
    De Haas, Hein;

  68. How Private Elementary School Teachers in Ankara Use Instructional Design Process: An Insight into Teachers’ Daily Practices
    Alim, Feride;

  69. Immigrants' Media from Producer's Perspective: Roles and Dynamics of Turkish Immigrant Media in Sweden
    Akın, Altuğ;

  70. Interrogating Agency: Western Modernity and the Discourses on Arab/Muslim Women
    Jayyusi, Lena;,

  71. Intellectuals, Spectacle, and the Sins of Humanitarianism
    Ilic, Lujibica;

  72. Intertextuality between Perverse Bodies and Nation/Family History Writing: Queer Epistemology in Tian Ho Liao Luan
    Hsu, Kuo Wen;

  73. Is Violence a Presupposition of Power or an Outcome of the Absence of Power?
    Özaydın, Özge;

  74. Issues Regarding Cultural Translation in the Taiwanese Film Criticism in Early Times: 1910-1937
    Cho, Yu-Hsiu;

  75. “It Doesn’t Make Any Difference Though” – The National ‘Frame’ as a Continuing Challenge to Cosmopolitan Theory
    Skey, Michael;

  76. Japanese Modernism and the Politics of Madness
    Chandrasekara, Ray;

  77. Lifestyle TV as Knowledge Production
    Seier, Andrea;

  78. Listening to the Whore: Colonial Prostitution and Its Theoretical Predicament
    Ray, Bidisha;

  79. Making Sense of Cultural Diversity: The Perceptions of National Journalists on “Minority Issues” in Turkey during the Europeanization Reforms
    Yanardağoğlu, Eylem;

  80. Marrying Americans: The International Politics of the Election
    Molloy, Patricia;

  81. Manufacturing the Crisis of Multiculturalism: Re-Producing Ordered Strangers in the Contemporary World
    Imre, Rob;

  82. Masculinities in Fashion; Crisis or Evolution?
    Allan, Peter;

  83. Material Expressions: The Sensibility of Feminine Artists
    Nimkulrat, Nithikul;

  84. Media in Political Campaigns in Burundi: From Propaganda Instruments to Political Watchdogs
    Palmans, Eva;

  85. Mediating Modernity: Violence against Women and Post-Taliban Development Communications in Afghanistan
    Kamal, Sarah;

  86. Melodrama in Post-Colonial Condition: The Quest for Truth in Asmalı Konak
    Akınerdem, Zeyneb Feyza;

  87. Memory and Amnesia:Cultural Policy in Shangai
    O'Connor, Justin;

  88. Merely Human at Large: Giorgio Agamben and Accounting for Differentiality
    Youssef, Maisaa;

  89. Mobile Phones and Youth Culture in Iran
    Zokaei, Mohammad Saeed;

  90. Multiculturalism in a Time of Terrorism Slovene News Media Reporting on the 2005 Turmoil in France
    Horvart, Ksenija Vidmar;

  91. Muslims in the West? From Co-Habitation to Co-Existence
    Canefe, Nergis;

  92. Myth vs Anti-Myth of American Cities, an Italian Perspective
    Guarnieri, Giulia;

  93. New Media Technology and the Compression of the Social
    Miller, Vincent;

  94. On the Mimetic Faculty’ – Is Mimesis Just an Essence of the ‘Real’ or Is It ‘Real’ on Its Own?
    Tiwari, Reena;

  95. Orientalism in the Media: A Case Study of European News Coverage of Turkish Accession to the European Union
    Harris, Ramsey;

  96. Overturning Multiple Anti-Senses:The 3P (Pains, Pleasure and Passions) of Addicted Women as Subtle Strategies against the Drug War
    Chen, Hui-Min;

  97. Pharmaceutical Logic: The Evolving Discourse
    Blakeborough, Darren;

  98. Photography after the Incidents
    Allmark, Panizza;

  99. Play in Digital Photography
    Rantavuo, Heli;

  100. Playing through Gender
    Shaw, Adrienne;

  101. Policing Culture in Havana: Pictures of the Present, Metaphors of the Future
    Toirac-Garcia, Yanet;

  102. Popular Culture in the Sample of Breeding Dogs at Home
    Özer, Ömer;

  103. Queering 1990s’ Taiwan: The Homosexual and Queer Discourses of the 1990s Taiwan
    Chen, Pei-Jean;

  104. Quest for Gendered Ethnicity: The Role of Turkish Nationalism in the Construction of Kurdish Men
    Nil, Mutluer;

  105. Radical Indifference: Close-Up and the Politics of Apathy
    Skomra, Andrew;

  106. “Real” and “Symbolic” Identities: Visions of Istanbul in 19th Century French and British Paintings
    Binatlı, Neslihan;

  107. Recognition: Temporalities of the Other and the Guatemalan Home
    Mahler, Julia;

  108. Re-Considering Online Methodologies When Studying Immigrant Communities
    Girit, Özge;

  109. Recycling Ghostly Modernity: East Asian New Queer Cinemas
    Lee, Yongwoo;

  110. Regaining Identities in Model Plays
    Yizhong, Gu;

  111. Reimagining Athens: Radio, Public Space and Urban Identity
    Kafiris, Kirini;

  112. Remembering and Forgetting: Nietzsche, Subjectivity and History
    Weberman, David;

  113. Remembering while Eating: Cookbooks, Food, Ethnic Identity and Memory
    Yanık, Lerna;

  114. Remembering the South African War, 1899-1902
    Van der Merwe, Chris;

  115. Research Networks: National and International Experiences in the Asia Pacific Region
    Healy, Chris;

  116. Rethinking the Public Sphere: Emergence of Indian News Media as the Site of Discourse and a Reflection on the State of Democracy
    Khan, Tabassum;

  117. Screening Cultural Poverty in the Movies: The “Pygmalion Template”
    Verdoodt, Ive and De Bisschop, An;

  118. Search of yourself: Post-Soviet Identity in Case of Central Asia
    Kydyralieva, Saltanat;

  119. Sedition, Juridical Governance, and Public Culture Texts of the Indian ‘Freedom Movement’
    Kamra, Sukeshi;

  120. Slovene Film, National Identity and the Celluloid Hegemony of the Mythical Post-Independence Time
    Tomanic Trivundza, Ilija;

  121. Situating Westerners in the Third World: Identity and Cultural Politics of Life and Work Abroad;
    Minot, Séverine;

  122. “Smarten Up the Kids”: Whose Agendas Are We serving? Governing Parents and Children through the Smart Population Foundation Initiative in Australia
    Millei, Zsuzsa;

  123. Sounds of Gender: The Material Voice and Its Technological Reproduction in Theorizing Genders and Sexualities
    Schlichter, Annette;

  124. Spatialisation of Experience in Digital Media
    Erek, Ayşe;

  125. Superpower Osama: Thoughts on the Symbolic Discourse of Marginality in Post-Cold War Kenya
    Prestholdt, Jeremy;

  126. Supra-National Identifications in Ethnic Minority and Majority Adolescents
    Kipiani, Giorgi;

  127. Sustainable Management of Lake Kerkini, Serres, Greece
    Kraounakis, Stelios and Iosifidis, Thodoros;

  128. Techno Music and Clubbing in Turkey
    Arıcan, Tunca;

  129. Terrorism and Social Justice: Beyond Dichotomies of Civil Liberties and Authoritarianism
    Imre, Rob;

  130. Techno Music and Clubbing in Turkey
    Arıcan, Tunca;

  131. The Cultural Centre of Rock?: The Planned Regeneration of a Music Scene in Elizabeth, South Australia
    Baker, Sarah;

  132. The Cultural Determinants of Welfare Entitlements
    Cheema, Moeen and Aziz, Sadaf;

  133. The Cultural Logic of OEM, Piracy and Brand in a Global Hierarchy: The Low-Cost Technological Practice in China
    Hu, Kelly;

  134. The Dangers of Recognition: Collective Identities in an Age of Cultural Conflict
    Sherman, Edward;

  135. The Death of the Reader: Reception Aesthetics and Fan Consumption
    Sandvoss, Cornel;

  136. The Direct Effects of Media Exposure to Positive and Negative Asylum Seeker Stereotypes on the Thoughts and Behaviours of British Citizens
    Lido, Catherina and Solomon, Lucy;

  137. The Disaffected of the Earth
    Temiz, Ayşe;

  138. The Eurovision Song Contest, Europe and Problems of Belonging
    Pajala, Mari;

  139. The Evolution of the Domain of the "Global" in Academic Practice: Two Case Studies
    McComb, Brenda;

  140. The Fluidity of Cultural Flows: Globalisation and the Publishing Industry
    Sun, Chia-sui (Crystal);

  141. The Idea of Assemblage in Ethnography. Deleuzian Interventions in Re-Empowering the Author
    Saka, Erkan;

  142. The Interaction between Global and Local Cultures: From Global to Local or Vice Versa?
    Değirmenci, Koray;

  143. The Lacanian Subject and the Deleuzian Subject
    Zheng, Catherine Ruyu;

  144. The Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center: Re-Membering the Future
    Cooks, Leda;

  145. The Media(ted) Debate: Virginity Testing versus the South African Children’s Bill
    Prinsloo, Jeanne;

  146. The Modern Orientalist World System and the Construction of Identities in the Middle East
    Samman, Khaldoun;

  147. The Notion of the “Other” in Cultural Studies: The Power of Visual Representations Re-Visited in Terms of Creating the Image of Otherness in “Different Cultures”
    Binatlı, Neslihan;

  148. The Orhan Pamuk Case: How the Media Reread?
    İri, Murat and Arcan, Esra;

  149. The Pleasures of Orientalism and Occidentalism
    Necef, Ümit;

  150. The Politics of Remembering and Forgetting in Christina García's the Argüero Sisters
    Zheng, Vincent;

  151. The Precariousness of Indigenous Place in the Nation
    Phelps, Sandra;

  152. The Problematics of Representation in J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians
    Zheng, Vincent;

  153. The Reception of Haruki Murakami in Taiwan
    Lo, Tsuchen;

  154. The Referral and Mixture of 'Western' and 'Traditional' in the Context of Confectionary Goods in Taiwan
    Hsu, Janet;

  155. The Representation of Degree of Freedom on Cross-Culture Websites: The Indicators
    Rowena, Li;

  156. The Representation of Women as Gendered National Subjects in the Novels in the Pre and Early Republican Period (1908-1923)
    Gözdaşoğlu Küçükalioğlu, Elif;

  157. The Scar in Bollywood
    Çiçek, Özgür;

  158. The Scientists and Grunge: Influence and Global Flows
    Stratton, Jon;

  159. The Task of Translating the Hunger Strikes in Turkish Prisons: Sacrificial Violence and Radical Politics
    Serin, Nadide Özge;

  160. The Turkish Clubbing Scene in the Netherlands Social Divisions, Stratification & Cultural Identity
    De Bruin, Simone;

  161. The Unmappable: Vagueness and Urban Experience
    Miller, Vincent;

  162. The Wall and Its Regime in Palestine
    Jayyusi, May;

  163. This Struggle Which Is Not One: Badiou, Irigaray, and Race
    Harvey, Stefano;

  164. Touch Me! Humans and Artefacts in Affective Relationships
    Lanstrom, Catharina;

  165. Tourists and Vagabonds: Dynamics of Uncertainty in Lampedusa
    Bonizzoni, Paola;

  166. Towards a New Orientalism? – An Analysis of Cultural Institution Dealing with Cultural Diversity
    Egeland, Helene;

  167. Transforming Local Histories through Transnational Media Practices. The Cases of Football and Film
    Becker, Karin;

  168. Transforming Pedagogies for Cultural Exchange and Change: Working against the Authority of Whiteness
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